Sunday, July 13, 2008

Don't Miss Daughters of Legacy On CNN!

Daughters of Legacy is awesome. Please check it out. One of the most positive portrayal's of black women and their fathers EVER! Not to mention different types of black women connecting and sharing with each other! Attallah Shabazz is amazing! If you saw the special, tell me what you thought!


Anonymous,  July 14, 2008 at 8:48 AM  

Prof T, I agree that Attallah was the most intriguing! It was interesting to discover how close she is to Sidney P. and that she's been sister-friends w/ his daughter. I do wish that Don didn't seem so starstruck because he could have done a better interview. It was a good portrayal of the father/daughter bond. The video clip of JC walking his daughter down the aisle was very moving.

Randi523 July 14, 2008 at 12:09 PM  

I thought this was a great broadcast. I agree, Atallah was awesome. I also enjoyed hearing from Tiffany Cochran, and seeing the bit about how her father went to therapy 3 times a day to be able to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day. That's dedication, and a real father's LOVE.

All of the daughters were very eloquent and inspiring.

myaisha's mother July 14, 2008 at 6:27 PM  

I have mixed feelings about DOL, but not because I don't have an enormous amount of respect for daughter's of some of this country's most important political figures. I have nothing but the utmost love and respect for sisters like Attallah--I'll never forget that powerful tribute she delivered at her mother's memorial. I still remember her describing her father's affection for her mother when he would say, "come on, brown sugar" to Betty. You don't get any more human than that.

These daughters are amazing legacy's of their fathers. Like the rest of Black America, I too feel indebted to these women for the sacrifices their fathers made to make our lives better.

I have mixed feelings because while my father sits in a prison cell going on 37 years, we still don't get to talk about the FBIs COINTELPRO program that put him there. The same COINTELPRO that eavesdropped on Malcolm and Martin. The same COINTELPRO that conspired to the detroy the Black Panther Party, and destroy the Civil Rights Movement.

I am not talking about blaming anyone. It's been 37 years; it's now time to heal. I am talking about forgiveness and moving on, but we can't under these circumstances. As long as we don't get to talk about the lessons from that history, the pain, or the loss there will be no true healing. If we don't get to talk about what happened to the mothers who were left behind, or what happened to their daughters, or the children, who despite losing everything, became an amazing success who live productive wonderful lives with families and careers of their own than nothing we do is sincere.

Instead, we defang the entire history and pretend like Dr. King was just someone who gave great speeches and that Malcolm X was just someone who had anger management issues but eventually mellowed out. As long as we defang the story we can talk about them as human beings.

My frustration is with the media's efforts to completely dismiss an entire generation of children who's parent's,like my father, were also targets of COINTELPRO, and who spent our entire lives in prison. That's another legacy of this country that we never want to talk about. Instead we lock it away.

That's not real reconciliation and healing. As long as they refuse to grant parole to my father, and the fathers like him despite his amazing good record in prison that includes trainings, education, and 36 years worth of mentorship than how do we ever expect to truly be a healthy nation. Keeping our secrets locked up won't make them hurt less or go away any quicker.

Excuse me for rambling on, but this still hurts.

Anonymous,  July 15, 2008 at 6:49 AM  

i have always admired attallah. just to hear her speak...oh my!! she speaks with such eloquence.

i thought the special was very good, but i agree that don was a little awestruck. and the clip of JC walking down the aisle got me, too. so very touching that he would work that hard to gain the strength to do that for his daughter.

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