Monday, August 4, 2008

3 Things The Mainstream Media Should Be Asking Or Investigating About Senator John McCain

John McCain is absolutely right, he should receive much more attention from the mainstream media, but not in the way he has become accustomed. The mainstream media needs to get reacquainted with John McCain and do some serious digging into his many years as a politician. The MSM has been giving McCain a major pass on EVERYTHING because he is old, a war hero, and because he kissed their backsides for so long. The MSM should give John McCain what he keeps whining about, serious, in-depth, and exhaustive media study.

I have three subjects where the mainstream media could really begin seriously questioning McCain about his beliefs and policies for the American people -

1) Why doesn't anyone ever ask McCain about WHO exactly is going to be footing the bill for the war in Iraq for the many years to come? And exactly HOW America is going to pay off this massive war debt? I am more than a little troubled with John McCain being so willing to further mortgage my national economic future, a future he will not be around to see! Where are the media reports on people under 50 and how they feel about being stuck paying the bill for the Iraq war?2) I'd like to see a poll focusing directly on what PEOPLE OF COLOR think of John McCain and his candidacy. I'd like to know what inner-city and urban women of color think of him. I'd love to know what people of color think about his record on diversity, civil rights, affirmative action, and what HIS CANDIDACY is going to do to improve race relations in America. I have loved all the analysis of Barack Obama's race and his role in race relations and not once has anything been done with McCain on this same subject. McCain is not going to be President of the White United States of America!

3) Where is the coverage on McCain and women in America? Are white women from middle America really going to vote for this clown that tells sexist and rape jokes? I would love for someone in the media to ask them. Are the rabid female Clinton supporters really going to vote for anti-choice, anti-fair wage, and anti-affirmative action John McCain? What exactly IS John McCain's record on women's issues?


Faith August 4, 2008 at 2:45 PM  

Seeing how corporate media wants anyone but Obama to be elected and McCain's security removed the only Black reporter at his last event I'm not sure it's going to be addressed by them. But it's good for you to do so as well as other Black blogs and eventually there might be a blurb somewhere.

wisdomteachesme August 4, 2008 at 4:09 PM  

U asked = "What exactly IS John McCain's record on women's issues?"
can't be much of an agenda and positive record considering that he thinks of his own wife as a cunt.

he is having a tamtrum! little boy that he is...

Anonymous,  August 4, 2008 at 8:00 PM  

"Are the rabid female Clinton supporters really going to vote for anti-choice, anti-fair wage, and anti-affirmative action John McCain?"

Oh yeah. Because that would be sooo feminist of them to do so--like, totally. Voting for a misogynist ogre who would be more than willing to turn this country into The Handmaid's Tale in order to secure the Rightwing's full support and voting base. Then again, white women from "Middle America" would fare a hell of a lot better under a McCain Administration than women of color. Not that Obama is a feminist/womanist--not by a long shot--*however*, his record on women's issues is more positive and progressive than McBush's record could ever hope to be, or any other neocon/Rethuglican in this election cycle (though, it's a shame that Obama has been using anti-choice rhetoric when discussing second- and third-trimester abortion). With Obama we'll either move forward with regards to women's rights, gender/sex-equity, and reproductive-justice, or at the very worst remain where we are now--which is a better fate than what McBush would have in store for us.

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