Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bill Clinton Is Not A Racist....He's A Childish Boor Who Clearly Has No Idea How Racially Dismissive And Patronizing His Comments Sound to Others

Bill Clinton is still crying instead of campaigning for Obama. I was tired of his end of Democratic primary temper tantrum weeks ago. I am sick and tired of his recent angry "I am not a racist" rants in recent print and television interviews. I am damn tired of him under-cutting Obama with veiled jabs and snide remarks about his candidacy. Bill Clinton is way beyond nursing his personal wounds, he is damaging Obama's campaign. AND CLINTON KNOWS THAT FACT!

Bill Clinton fails to understand that it is no longer about him. It's Obama's turn now. If he truly is worried about being labeled as a racist, then he will stop doing what he doing right now. He will suck it up and begin campaigning for Obama with zeal. It's getting late in the day, if Clinton thinks he is in the doghouse with black folk now, wait until black folk start believing that he is hurting Obama's campaign with his self-centered and bitter remarks.

It is so interesting that Bill Clinton, who did not mind smearing a young African American woman to get elected with charges of being racist, but now is all bent out of shape because the tables have turned. May be instead of giving negative and unhelpful interviews to the press, Clinton should give Sister Souljah a call and asked her how she dealt with being labeled racist on a national scale. It might be an enlightening experience for Bill Clinton.


Selena August 6, 2008 at 9:51 AM  

Its alright Professor. He's ruining HIS legacy not Obama's. Its funny how you haven't seen much of him nor Hillary on the campaign trail. Yet I hear in the news her supporters are still griping and demanding that he set her debts straight.

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