Friday, August 22, 2008

Hillary's Half-Hearted And Half-Assed Efforts For Obama Will Be Remembered!

Hillary Clinton will NEVER be President! As far as I am concerned she has not delivered for Obama. Her supporters continue to whine and continue t0 fail to get on board as Democrats. Hillary's stump speeches for Obama remain connected only to her interests and her own failed candidacy. Her still referring to Obama as "my opponent" is a telling observation of her continuing contempt for Obama's candidacy.

She doesn't believe nor does she want to. She and her husband are both cats in the grass waiting for the right opportunity to screw over Obama. And that's fine. Black folks are going to have very LONG memories about the Clintons. That's why so few Obama supporters are ponying up the cash to retire her debt. She never should have been so deep in the hole in the first damn place, she should have quit long before it got that big. Funny how her die-hard supporters always overlook that fact. She didn't have the money to run a hard and long campaign.

I have been cracking up at her supporters talking about voting irregularities and rules being broken during the "Democratic process." These are the same folks that were quiet as church when black folks were being disenfranchised across the United States in the last major election. Funny that!


Faith August 22, 2008 at 3:00 PM  

I still question how many supporters there really are. They could have kicked in a few dollars apiece to clear her debt - but they haven't. I know it's the people behind the curtain. There's a definite tie-in to McCain's campaign and a few well-placed keyboard rabble rousers and those that have thrown away all journalistic integrity. Who's left? Oh the racists - hah - and if they can't get past the crappy economy and all the other problems going on then they deserve to suffer.

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