Friday, August 22, 2008

Rush Limbaugh Makes Fun Of Rep. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones' Death And Calls Barack Obama "Little Black Man-Child"

Who needs Jerome Corsi when there is Rush Limbaugh? Are black people paying attention to the fact that we have absolutely NO ONE of similar positioning to hit back at Limbaugh? I am sick and tired of the "that's just Limbaugh" excuse with this guy, he has millions of listeners who nod their heads in silent agreement at home and at work. You know his listeners, you work with them. Somebody needs to start calling him and his listeners out seriously and stop these reactionary responses after he has said something racist or sexist, or both. This kind of open racism and sexist is so tiring and deflating. Something has got to give.

We need to start calling out other white folks who act enraged about this crap this guy spews but don't help do anything about it. How many times are people going to be satisfied with this creep being named "the worst person in the wwwooorrrllllldddddd!!!!!" on Countdown everytime he says something like this? He just laughs all the way to the top of the radio rankings and to the bank. Let's get off the hamster wheel with this cat and start coming up with some ways to shut him down.


Shirley August 23, 2008 at 3:33 PM  

Rush couldn't stop the democrats from taking control of Congress and he couln't rally enough right wing voters to make Hillary the nominee (remember how he tried?)

He is a frustrated pundit and "water carrier" for the Bush administration who sees the Republican "brand" crumbling and he hasn't been able to turn the tide.

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