Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Moncia Goodling Should Be Disbarred And Prosecuted...But Don't Hold Your Breath Waiting For That To Happen

The odds are heavily in Moncia Goodling's favor that she will never be disbarred or prosecuted for OPENLY DISCRIMINATING against people when she was in charge of hiring at the Justice Department. It doesn't matter that she blatantly and repeatedly broke the law. She's white, young, blonde,.....and she's really, really, sorry. And she promises to never do it again.

This woman who never should have been hired in her position in the first damn place considering how extremely under-qualified she was. Apparently, the only reason why she was hired was because she was a fascist fanatic that had absolutely no qualms trampling on the civil rights and civil liberties of other American citizens.

When white folks were gasping with surprise and indignation over the latest report that proved beyond a doubt that Goodling used her position to eliminate potential Justice Department job candidates that were too liberal, too gay, or basically not like her, I was wondering what code words did she use to keep people of color out of those positions, particularly black folks. Is there anybody black currently working in the Justice Department? Where are those people of color that applied for a job and didn't get it? I would love to know.

Yet, just as I said about the chances of Monica Goodling being held accountable, I won't hold my breath waiting for answers to those questions either.


Jazzy August 5, 2008 at 10:12 AM  

No she will not see the justice that she deserves but will probably be given another equally high ranking position in reward of her good behaviour

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