Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's Fundamentally True That McCain/Palin Are Out Of Touch On The Economy!

It's funny how McCain/Palin are promoting the "fundamentals" of the American worker, but Sarah Palin's running around wearing "made in Japan" Kazuo Kawasaki's 704 series designer eyeglass frames that start at a $375 retail price. Shouldn't they be promoting buying "made in America" products made by American workers?


Renee September 18, 2008 at 4:02 AM  

Now, now you know that what is good for Palin et al is not necessarily good for everyone else. Just as Bristol? If she were named Latifah we would be burning her on the stake right now but Palins daughter gets respect and privacy.

iLuv Brooklyn September 18, 2008 at 9:15 AM  

Just wanted to drop a link for your reading pleasure, LOL


Earlier at the town hall meeting, a woman rose to speak and said was a Democrat who previously supported Hillary Clinton but now backed the Republican ticket.

“Give us some details and examples of your strategies and plan for economic empowerment for women,” she said.

McCain signaled for Palin to answer the question.

“Well first let me take a shot at that, and I’ll tell ya, I’m a product of Title IX in our schools, where equal education and equal opportunities in sports really helped propel me into the—I guess into the position that I’m in today where,” Palin said.

McCain then interjected, “Could I mention she was a point guard on a state championship basketball team.”

After the crowd’s applause died down, Palin continued: “Sports were very, very important to me growing up, you know just learning about self discipline and healthy competition and about what it takes to win and even how to graciously lose sometimes. But how to win, that’s what it teaches ya. Now, I was a product of Title IX where legislation allowed that equal opportunity. Now if we have to still keep going down that road to create more legislation, to get with it in the 21st century, to make sure that women do have equality especially in the work place, then we’re there because we understand that in this age we have all got to be working together. I respect you so much that you are a Democrat recognizing that John McCain and me as a team of mavericks understand where you’re coming from, and we can work together on these issues. But yup, equality for women, for all, that’s going to be part of the agenda and I thank you for that question.”

McCain then added that equal education for all would be a priority of his administration, including the ability for lower-income female students to attend charter schools and to use school vouchers. He said that he would make an effort to hire women in his administration and to take people to court if they were found to be discriminating.


Felicity September 18, 2008 at 9:20 AM  

That is why going to Iraq, has made the financial instutions collapse and there is more to come.

Anonymous,  September 18, 2008 at 12:38 PM  

@ iluv Brooklyn-
HUH??? What does that have to do with economic empowerment for women? LOLOLOLOL And what's sad is that in the midst of her jokes and satire, she completely sidesteps or ignores the question at hand...and the American folks eat it up!

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