Monday, September 8, 2008

McCain/Palin - The Absolutely Wrong And Dangerous Choice To Deal With The Continuing Crisis In American Education

Besides the U.S. economy, the most serious problem in America is our consistently substandard and ever deteriorating educational system. The American K-12 educational system is in tatters, with America falling behind numerous developed nations in reading, math, science, and history. Not to mention the increasing numbers of high school dropouts and increasing truancy amongst school-age children. The national educational policy of Leave No Child Behind, has only succeed in leaving millions of America's children behind the educational 8-ball in more ways than one. Not mention the numbers of good teachers and administrators that have quit the field of education in frustration and disgust.

For the average American family, sending a child to college is no longer part of the American dream, but the new American nightmare. Going to college has become an extremely expensive endeavor for the average American family, who also face the additional strain of sending a child to college who may or may not be adequately prepared for the rigors of collegiate academics. The American educational system is in major crisis mode from top to bottom and who ever is the next President of the United States must begin to work on resolving this issue immediately.

That means we, the American people need to elect a president that understands and respects education as the most valuable tool for every single American in this nation to attain in order to have a successful and productive life. John McCain and Sarah Palin, the GOP candidates, are not the people for this important presidential responsibility.GOP presidential candidate John McCain, who was a "thank ya lawdy" instead of a "Summa Cum Laude" graduate from the Naval Academy, finished at the bottom of his class and has earned no advance degrees. His VP Pick Sarah Palin needed five different colleges and six years of a mixed bag selection of failed majors and coursework to cobble together a inconsequential undergraduate degree in journalism with a minor in political science. Their less than sterling educational careers should give anyone listening to them wax poetic about the value of a college education extremely dubious.

Check their records in their home states on education. Alaska is running dead last in most educational categories. Arizona is one of those states that eliminates minorities from their Leave No Child Behind records because minority children are not passing the "test." They are both big on "school choice" but if there are no decent schools in your neighborhood, where is the choice? And Sarah Palin is big on home schooling, but since she doesn't believe in science or global warming and thinks that books should be banned and that intelligent design should be taught in schools, who wants her around any kind of national educational legislation?

And McCain talks big about attending a public college, but that's not the truth about the Naval Academy. You need to be sponsored by someone with connections to get in the Naval Academy and it's damn hard to be admitted to the Naval Academy. Average, ordinary Joes don't get admitted to the Naval Academy. And his own daughter didn't go to a state school, she went to an Ivy League institution on her mama's nickel. And I wonder what kind of "special needs" education Bridget McCain has been getting, if she is getting educated at all? And apparently Bristol Palin was engaged in independent home school sex education lab with herself as the experiment since she ended up pregnant instead of earning a high school diploma.

No, these are not the folks we want directing the state of U.S. education for the next four years. Too many of the American people have their futures riding on attaining a quality education.


roslynholcomb September 8, 2008 at 12:44 PM  

Unfortunately, and I hate to sound elitist by saying it, but their lack of an education may well appeal to many voters. It's an unfortunate truth that this country is anti-intellectual.

I'll never forget an election we had in Alabama where a GED beat a Ph.d. One voter was interviewed and she said that she didn't want those 'educated people' running the state.

Selena September 8, 2008 at 4:31 PM  

Well this lil tidbit will get some major circulation in my email address book!

Anonymous,  September 8, 2008 at 7:06 PM  

The comic suits the McBush/LipstickBush campaign perfectly. The Daily Show had a spot-on biographical skit of McCain bastardizing the word maverick throughout his campaign, and becoming nothing more but an odd looking clone of Dubya.

"Unfortunately, and I hate to sound elitist by saying it, but their lack of an education may well appeal to many voters. It's an unfortunate truth that this country is anti-intellectual."

You know, when I did my college-internship at a police department for my Criminal Justice major, some of the officers expressed very anti-intellectual sentiments and ranted about "*LIBURULISM invading the schools!," and blah, blah, some said I should have enlisted in the military instead. Thankfully there were officers who commended me for attending college and spoke highly of those who attend university.

*The spelling-error was intentional to demonstrate the irrationality of anti-intellectualism.

classical one September 9, 2008 at 11:37 PM  

The Republicans have long been leading a war on science and Pallin is part of the latest front.

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