Thursday, September 11, 2008

Professor Tracey's Sports Round-Up

Why is Chad Johnson, now officially and legally known as Chad Javon Ocho Cinco working so hard to become the Dennis Rodman of Football? I hate when great athletes work so hard to make themselves a laughing stock and an ignorant spectacle. There are so many other things this cat could be doing instead of this narcissistic crap.
No pinkie surgery for KB#24. Watch out Kobe, you're doing stuff to make yourself likable and that is completely unselfish! Your haters won't be able to stand it!
Instead of the LPGA thinking up ways to racially discriminate against it's growing number of Asian players by threatening to create a rule that would result in them being suspended from the tour for not speaking English well enough to give acceptance speeches and interviews, wouldn't the LPGA be better served coming up with plans and programs to increase the number of American minorities that play golf and are woefully missing from the LPGA tour?
There's no crying in football, Vince. Man up, you're making too much money to be whining about being booed by the fans. Play hard and win and those boos will be cheers. And tell your mama to be quiet.


Anonymous,  September 11, 2008 at 6:40 AM  

chad has some serious issues. unlike terrell and his issues, there is very little to like about chad. at least terrell is funny and somewhat charismatic. chad -- NOTHING! currently living in cincinnati, i have heard enough about his off the field shenanigans to last me a lifetime. and to think, this cat went through all that trouble getting his name change and he still can't wear it on the back of his jersey. he should have spent all that time and effort on a therapist.

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