Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Real Truth Behind GOP VP Nominee Sarah Palin's Questionable Family Values

Tonight the GOP convention will serve as the stage to introduce the new and improved Palin family. Gone will be the sweet, innocent, and grinning, Alaskan modern-day version of The Waltons and in it's place will be the gritty, contrite, and humbled, average American family with problems just like everyone else.

The Palin family redux will also feature an addition, pregnant Palin daughter's boyfriend Levi, who may or may not be a willing fiance, who may or may not be a high school graduate, and who may or may not want children, but has one on the way anyway. Yet, he too will do his job, waving to the crowd, smiling and tightly holding Bristol Palin's hand.

This re-introduction of the Palin family will serve as the smokescreen for the Republican Party to hide behind and get folks to stop asking questions about truthfulness and family values. It quite clear now, that both McCain, Palin, and the GOP attempted to hoodwink the American public. The truth is they lied and now, they are lying some more. Painting a false family portrait for the purpose of political gain.

The truth is if they really believed in their pro-life policies, they would have proudly admitted that Bristol Palin was pregnant in the first place, instead of hiding her baby bump behind her new baby brother's body. And if Sarah Palin was really so devoted to her family, she would have turned over baby Trig's birth records to discount the rumors instead of tossing her seventeen-year-old daughter under the bus.

The truth is that Sarah Palin was not that naive or stupid to believe this was going to be a secret she could keep or an issue that would not result in intense media scrutiny for herself and her family. The truth is she didn't give a damn. Sarah Palin put political ambition before her family and that's the hardest truth of the story.


GoldenAh September 3, 2008 at 10:00 PM  

I was a bit angry when McCain made the Palin pick. However, for every bit of news I read about this nut job, I cannot stop laughing. It's hilarious. Fiction couldn't surpass the ridiculousness of these folks.

If McCain felt secure and the polls were actually tied, he wouldn't have selected her. It showed desperation. I find the whole thing entertaining.

He played himself.

Mari-Djata September 5, 2008 at 9:44 PM  

I'm sorry, but if people cannot tell that the GOP is a bunch of slimey, egotistical, hypocritical, unfit for a honest and decent society, they are just lost causes. Both parties are defective and unable to lead properly, but the Republican Party just needs to bow off the stage of politics and never be heard from again. How can a group of people make a name for themselves as being "old fashioned," God-fearing, guns-and-violence-don't-correlate, old ditties and still beat out the progressive, young, able-to-string-words-into-sentences-that-make-sense crowds? Seriously, if the Democrats loose to these people, it will be all their faults.

*done with rant*

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