Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Special Message To Pat Buchanan.....Barack Obama Writes His Own Speeches.....Sarah Palin Is Not Going To Write Hers Ever!

Hey Pat,

I know that you are a company man for the GOP, a old school political shill, a master of the racist and sexist quip, but do you really want to keep going there with "scripted speech" crack about Barack Obama? Sarah Palin, who you keep going on and on about, is so inexperienced that she isn't even attempting to write or contribute to her own GOP convention speech. She couldn't even produce her own opening remarks when she was introduced as the VP selection.

As my girl MC Lyte says, "do not say shit until you write your own rhymes."

At least Barack Obama speaks his own words, Sarah Palin will be parroting the words that some man wrote. The GOP didn't even bother to get her a female speech writer. So, when Palin speaks tonight, the American people will have no ideas whose words or beliefs she will be speaking about, hers or what the GOP wants her to say.


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