Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Urgent Memo To White Folks - "Uppity" And You - A Racist And Ignorant Partnership That Needs To Cease Immediately!

Dear White Folks,

When you only use the word "uppity" to describe the actions of black folks, you are making a bigoted observation and a heavily racist statement. It is not "uppity" for a black reporter to ask questions, that's his job. And just because you don't like the questions he's asking, does not make him eligible for a racial slur from you, Rick Goddard!

It is not "uppity" for a black man and a black woman to have ivy league educations, to enjoy a upper-middle class income, or to desire to become the first black President and First Lady of the United States of America. That's not "uppity" - that's progress.

Stop using this word immediately, it makes the user sound stupid as well as racist. Black folks are used to being called names, using this term in an attempt to castigate us will not be effective. Black reporters will keep asking questions you don't like and Black folks will continue to earn Ivy League degrees, earn big money, and yes, run for President!

My concern is for you. Eventually some nitwit who is not a politician with personal security and a locked office door to hide behind is going to refer to a black co-worker, fellow student, or teammate as 'uppity" to their face and get their ass kicked royally good or their business or school royally sued for racial discrimination. Everyone gets tired of being pushed around at some point and starts pushing back. And the push back on the word "uppity" is coming around the corner real fast!

The choice is yours.....for now!


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