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Black Republican Sophia Nelson Has A Major Epiphany About The Lack Of Diversity Within Her Political Party...About A Decade Too Late In My Book

Black Republicans really need to improve their talking points if they are really serious about attracting black folks to the GOP. I'm sick and tired of hearing them talk about the "principles" and "values" of conservatism while belonging to a party that ignores African Americans as leaders and staffers within that political party. I knew things were bad for Black Republicans, but I didn't know they were that bad.

Check out these GOP gems, Ms. Nelson recently dropped in an op-ed piece for The Washington Post -

"The GOP convention was embarrassingly devoid of people of color -- among more than 2,000 delegates, only 36 were black."

Damn, that's not an embarrassment, that's gross neglect! What in the hell ran through the minds of the 36 black folks present? And I find it very interesting that Black Republicans kept dead silent about that sad state of affairs within their own party's convention. Before any Black Republican dared open their mouth to criticize Barack Obama, they should have been throwing a few barbs in the direction of their own party.

Nelson argues that John McCain basically conceded the black vote to Obama, but she also reveals that McCain also failed to hire African Americans to work on his campaign, all but assuring that African Americans would never be a priority for McCain or the GOP during this past election. She states;

"I knew of only one high-level black adviser or spokesperson on his full-time paid campaign staff."

Who in the hell was that person? I would love to know because I don't recall seeing or hearing a black spokesperson for the McCain campaign. Cross-eyed Ron Christie must have gotten a kickback because he was drinking the hell out of the McCain/Palin kool-aid and never once made a mention about the lack of diversity with the GOP or McCain's campaign staff. And Tara Wall of The Washington Times, who loves to act like she's non-partisan on television, but was looking like somebody stole her purse on election night, was another Black Republican looking the other way in terms of the lack of GOP diversity.

Where were Black Republicans on the failures of President Bush during Hurricane Katrina and why didn't they challenge McCain to discuss how he would prevent such a disaster from happening again? And why were Black Republicans so silent on the obvious race-baiting of the McCain/Palin campaign. And Nelson should have a little chat with RNC Chairman hopeful and fellow Black Republican Michael Steele, that if he still thinks that McCain should have smeared Obama more with Reverend Wright, then expect to continue to lose the attention of black folks.

Further, Nelson could challenge her fellow Black Republicans to not sit around whistling "Dixie" while white Republicans toss Black Republicans like Colin Powell under the bus for making a well-thought out decision about who they will support for national office. If Joe Lieberman can decide to support a Republican, than Powell can decide to support a Democrat.

Read Nelson's post and then come weigh in on this subject back here. I am really interested in what Black Republicans are going to do next. It's important for black folks to keep all their options open.


Faith November 23, 2008 at 10:54 PM  

I think Black people who are members of that party are one or all of the following:
1. Into militarism
2. Focused on making money
3. Focused on single issues like abortion
4. self-hating and/or have a lot of disdain for other Blacks
5. Want to separate themselves from the hordes
6. Are doing okay in their lives personally and don't give a shit about anyone else
7. Just as disabled as those they may claim are slaves to the Democratic party

Why don't they have a small powerful group like the Neo-cons or fundies that their own party has to go to earn support?

TD1016 November 23, 2008 at 11:35 PM  

Better late than never though :). And wow, I at least thought there would have been 100 blacks at the RNC not 36.
Either way, I thought I read the whole thing on Political Intersection what she wrote was compelling and nice insight. I'm a former closet Republican (actually I vote or whoever I feel is best. I know I went Independ. one year)turned Democrat so I knew where she was coming from. I'll probably never go back GOP, but there is a need for more Black ones and if it wasn't for the fact that they'd be shunned, I think we'd be surprised at how many are actually out there. I do feel though if things don't change in the GOP, probably in next 10 years it'll spit with and a 3rd major party will emerge.
All that aside, Black GOPs and Black Dems need to put this hate and anger towards each other aside. I noticed when other blogs had this article it almost became war in the comments section. IMO, besides the Civil Rights Act of 1965, what has EITHER party really done for the African American community specifically?? Someone on another board mentioned the Minimum Wage Act... well that helped anyone below the poverty line and plenty of whites, while less the blacks, are below it. Furthermore, Billary showed that the Dems can be just as cruel (Check out for a good detailed listing of them) as the GOP when it comes racial attitudes (Never liked Billary even in their White House days. Blacks in both parties need to get together to push OUR issues and make them heard, because I don't see too many on either side doing it.
The GOP needs to take a lesson from one of their own in my community,(R) Senator Joe Robach aka DJ Ro as he is known by our only black radio station. He is on the morning show Memory Lane every Saturday. But Joe is doing exactly what Sophia Nelson and more have said the GOP needs to do...get and stay involved in the black community. Not only is Sen. Robach come and speak to the black community every Sat on the radio and kick it, but he's at nearly every march to stop violence, community meetings, events, etc. To me the with the heavy anti republican sentiment, I feel like the black vote is what won him another term over a well known Dem who wanted to get his seat back after he lost it to Robach two terms ago.

TD1016 November 23, 2008 at 11:44 PM  

@ Faith, as a former Rep from a single parent household, who is probably one of the most culturally aware, loving, committed and dedicated to her community as a whole but specifically to her black community and no offense the opposite of everything that you listed :-), I at the time liked their emphasis on education and somewhat on family values. There was no self hate and just because I chose at the time to be GOP didnt mean I was any less black.
Again the focus should be what can blacks in both parties do to get out issues out there with all views express without hatin on each other.

wisdomteachesme November 24, 2008 at 10:42 AM  

i just can't help but laugh when 'family values' pops up in peoples conversation.
How can a government 'make' people have family values? And whose to say what they Deem to be acceptable values for families to follow is for Everyone??!-

When 'they' don't have any for themselves?
AND, just because 'you' like the family values that you chose/choose
to follow for 'your family'--does not mean those values will work in my home with my family.

i have All the family value guidelines that my family needs to Follow.
now yall know what i'm gonna say....

Freedom to love without conditions--Freedom to Follow what Jesus Already gave me (us) to willfully follow--Freedom is my Faith in God's Will.
Not something a bunch of legalistic, control freak people created.

They need to help these financially strapped families stay above the water line--they need to provide free water to EVERYONE! They need to.....________
(fill in the blank)

See, Freedom to Not listen to their craziness OR adopt any of it for my family to follow--i don't want my family jacked up like theirs are!

they cant run a country--unless they run it into the ground dead! same thing they do in their families. it's not rocket science.

family values...sheesss--NEXT!!!

TD1016 November 24, 2008 at 8:09 PM  

No, you can't force family values on anyone, just like to an extent you can't force education, but you can encourage both. And I think that's what some people are talking about when they speak on it. Just like, let's be real, many people feel that seeing the Obama's relationship will maybe encourage the strengthening of black love and black family relationships. Honestly, I love me some Barack and Michelle and I hope they can kind of be some encourage, if a marriage is what people are looking for. We know there's isnt perfect, but they haven't given up on it. There was a time when the Republican party seem to be encouraging more than the Dems (not saying the Dems didn't do it, just not as much) family relationships when crime, drugs and absentee parents were really starting to take a toll on the black family unit. There have always been family difficulties but since the '70's to present, black marriage unions/nuclear families have been decreasing dramatically. And its probably in that time that you had many blacks going GOP because of the "encouraging" of the family unit. JMO.

Meia July 2, 2011 at 7:23 PM  

I think the issues within the black community are so many that I am not sure there is a solution. Regarding the GOP, I have a hard time figuring out what a person of color could find in common with the ideology they are touting these days. It is obviously (to me) so white supremist, childish and oddly devoid of the truth that the world is getting smaller and in the future, white folks will not be the majority in this country. They are not the majority in the world. Yes folks, the world is getting smaller. For black folks in this country, I just don't know. For my part, I try to love more, listen more, be careful who and what I surround myself with, and support my brothers AND sisters in any way I can, even in some small way. And when it comes to a mate, I am VERY careful. We complain about black men, but the divorce rate is HIGH with white marriages, so looking to them for the answer is just not the brightest idea. I think it is ultimately an individual choice regarding how to live. As far as the GOP, there is nothing intelligent coming out of it that perks my interest. Palin...OMGoodness, where did she really come from. When she speaks I just close my eyes and hope for the best. There are so many qualified republicans white and other races...but something is so wrong there...very very wrong. But maybe it is best to let it all get weeded out, and maybe the brightest will come out...eventually and make a future race for the presidency interesting. For now...all I see is smallness of mind, arrogance, nothing that would make me consider participating in that party. And the history of the ideology of the party is really doesn't work.

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