Thursday, November 13, 2008

Minature Racists In Training And Future Religious Fanatic Redneck Hillbilly Children Chant "Assassinate Obama" On School Bus

Out of the mouths of babes comes the words of their parents! This is another example of how black people need to pay attention. The Mormon Church raised tons of money to pass Prop 8 in California and a large number of black people voted with the views of the Mormon Church on the bill. The same Mormon Church that heavily influences the town of Rexburg, Idaho, where schoolchildren chant for the murder of a black man who happens to be the President-Elect. We need to be more careful who we end up allied with by our votes!


LorMarie November 13, 2008 at 7:15 PM  

It's a toughy. Black people generally have to be careful about our allies. There are racist Mormons I'm sure. However, I post on a European Anti-Fascist forum where I learned that gays, lesbians, etc. join racist/fascist political parties. It's a catch-22 either way.

cinco November 13, 2008 at 8:39 PM  

No catch 22 for me. Discrimination against any group is wrong. We have such a long way to go to heal this land.
The town needs major outreach to increase the diversity.

BLKSeaGoat November 13, 2008 at 9:45 PM  

Ummm... what black folks don't know is that the Mormon church AIN'T NO ALLY!!! Mormons, by definition are white Supremacists.

Their cosmology is centered around whites being chosen and blacks being cursed. Read the book of Mormon, specifically, the Book of Nephi.

It explains that blacks are cursed, while white are delightsome and pleasing to the lord.

It was not until the 1970's when the LDS church almost lost its non-profit status, that it began to admit blacks.

I was pleased to see that the people commenting on the story were mortified and outraged.

I am NOT surprised that the Mormon church is a part of this.

cinco November 14, 2008 at 12:17 PM  

Some people should know better. With all the witnessing that has came to my door, I've never had any witnesses from the mormon church that were black. Never. And I live in a ghetto community. People should face reality, for the most part you just can't live where you want, worship where you want or get buried where you want.

wisdomteachesme November 14, 2008 at 3:16 PM  

oh yes, racists are also lesbians and gays.

racisim invades-takes root and grows in every group of people on the earth.
it takes all hostage that believes in it's doctrine of hatred.

in the days before he won and since then--i've read editorials, blog comments and articles in which so many people think obama is a demon of satan--lol
and how we all better be careful! yeah right!

they say the same things about every person that stood/stands against them!
they have nothing new to say--just like the lion who roams in search of people to kill and destroy.

it's sad and funny that these people just don't get the understanding of how low to slime level the departing government officials have brought us to. along with the extreme greed factor and excess in stuff that americans just had to have.

the motives and lack of good values have spread so thick that many just don't see that they were slaves on a plantation and now that it has been dismantled they don't want to be free from this leaving administrations manipulations.

the mormons are confused and dillusional and so are those catholics offering obama a threat that they will do this and that if he doesnt stop legal abortion. OKAY! and how many souls are they saving to enter the Kingdom of God?
They should all be about Our Fathers business--not mans devious ways.

you know, it's between the woman and God--not the church of legalistic views and laws as to her decision to have one.

i can't say that before this change my body has gone through--if i would have had one or would not have--but the choice being there for ME to make is the point.
I am owned by no man--my body, my thoughts, my breath--all belong to Jesus.

sad how they are corrupting those children--raising future haters and creating a trench for many suicides among their group-baffles my mind and this group is not the first to raise children in such a hate filled environment and they will not be the last.

Lord have mercy on the foolish, ill-informed, and ignorant baseless accusations out of these peoples hearts1!
this comes to mind--
1 Peter 2:15-16

La ~ Incognita November 14, 2008 at 11:38 PM  

Well I don't think the 7% of black votes were black people that even cared what the Mormons think, much less have them as allies. Not all gay people are black people's ally either. As I recall, after the Prop 8 was passed, there were a lot of anti "die ni@@@@" black hate and threats coming out the mouths of non-black gay people. Why do black people always have to be the scapegoat for everyone.

Just a thought.

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