Sunday, January 11, 2009

14 Percent Of U.S. Adults Can't Read

This is a damn shame.


RainaHavock January 11, 2009 at 1:54 AM  

That is ashamed and you wonder how when we have free schooling along with a adult literary programs in the states.

wisdomteachesme January 11, 2009 at 2:01 PM  

children drop out of school at different ages depending on the educational laws per state.
we cannot stop them--in many cases i have witnessed--their own parents either are encourageing them to drop out and complete the ged program at a local cc-or-they are trying their best to convince the child to stay in hs and get through the issues that the child feels are overwhelming. it's easy for us to see the positive outcome to their skewed issues--but for a teenager who is fully emersed in embarrassment--they cannot see past their emotions--'how they feel'-(which is the rootball to a lot of messes in our world)-

the cc's are overloaded with dropouts/hs transfers to complete the hs education process. it took them totally off guard years ago when this 'trend' became so large it could not be overlooked-ignored anymore. they had to restructure their offered courses to include more remedial classes. same with 2 &4 yr colleges-

you can offer the programs, the help, the answers, the all- that is neccessary for people in need to recieve.

people-some, will not take advantage of the opportunities they know about and understand.
and when you talk with them and listen they will give many various reasons why.

lets say we have=
the 18 yr single mother who dropped out at 16 to have her baby, she has different reasons and movtives as to why she will not take full advantage of the free or reduced price day care and reduced tuition or free program that will help her get the units/credits required by the state to graduate.

the young man who dropped out at 17 in the 11th grade will have other reasons and motives that govern his descision 'not to go back and finish' and graduate.

though these 2 may have overlapping reasons and motives in common- they will have more that are just their way of seeing this situation.

as far as adults go, same thing applies.
it's all in how they see their situations. how they see themselves within these situations and circumstances.
many people see themselves through their emotions-not through the truth that is--but through what they tell themselves the truth is.

for example--if you poll a certain # of people that cannot read and ask them what is the one thing that is keeping them from going ahead-enrolling in a program and learning how to read--they will tell you= "i feel it's going to be too hard."
Now it may be a struggle--but they have made their truth from what they feel--nhot what they know--not by weighing the positives that are part of the outcome. their decision not to go and get help was made through examining the situation through their emotions, pain, and hurt. how they feel.
they do not have the emotional maturity to balance their emotions through using self-control.

this is where they get it from=the social stigma attached to being over 10 yrs old and not knowing how to read is enormous.
children get picked on from about 5th grade all through hs because they cannot read--they are governed by the emotional embarrassment they feel when idiots look down on them out of ignorance from not knowing that no one stops themselves from learning how to read there are valid reasons as to why--but 'we' laugh at people's differences and natural lack instead of helping them.

it could be the child needed glasses, or has a genetic issue or just that the wiring in the brain does not allow them to process the steps.

it could also be the teaching style of certian teachers. the brain can learn by way of 7 different paths, i believe thats the #; and school systems only use 3 on paper and 2 in the actual classroom.
either you can or you can't
1, 2.

a lot of people have learning disabilities that are never identified in order to rec the help they need while in elem., middle, and high school.
the home life plays a huge part in this problem also.

it's imortant that the helpers understand more than just the outward problems that can be seen when they go to help those in need.
you need to know a little--not a long novel length history- about how the person sees themselves within the negative issues, situation, circumstances in order to be as Effective as possible in the help that you offer.

it is really OUR responsibility to help these that cannot even read-forget the completion of an high school diploma--they can't read!

but WE ALL have got to do something to help the people get over the implied, and actual social stigma that is prevalent in our society that attacks their emotions and then controls their decision to or not to better themselves; by seeing the benefits to be more important & valuable verses living by hiding within "such a bad and terrible thing"

People that cannot read do not need our pity-pity will not help them--they need our compassion and action to help them. They need some of our Hope-
they need some type of counseling in order to get over the negative public opinions they allow to rule them.

sorry PT, didn't know i was going on into an explaining lesson comment-lol
yeah, you all guessed it--i'm passionate about the mental well being and educational growth of the people. all people.
glad you spoke out on this PT.:D

RainaHavock January 11, 2009 at 7:11 PM  

@Wisdomteachesme: That was long!XD Anyway I get what your stating being the daughter of teachers. Also know about the learning disabilities having worked with mentally retard children. It's different from attaining high school degree versus knowing how to read all together.

Kimberly B January 11, 2009 at 7:29 PM  

Sad but true. It isn't just high school dropouts that can't read. As a literacy tutor, I spent time with several high school graduates who were unable to read but were passed through school.

wisdomteachesme January 11, 2009 at 7:58 PM  

yeah i hit the publish button then realized how long it was. must be some people that need to know it :D. glad to know that you have a background into the issues of this situation.

we really do have to educate those that don't have any or much information concerning the help this group needs to rec'.

yes, i also know about those type of students. those that know enough to have manipulated their environment in order to navigate through it.
but did not speak out loudly enough to the right person(s)to get the help they need because of various of reasons and excuses.
i have pushed many like that to speak up and get the help they need before they got out.
I pray your strength to continue to do the work that you do.

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