Saturday, February 21, 2009

Washington Post Writer Robin Givhan Should Stick To Writing About Fashion - Because She Doesn't Know A Damn Thing About Politics

The Rock had this saying when he was wrestling - "Know your role and shut your mouth!" I wish Ms. Givhan would remember that very fact. It seems like since Barack Obama got elected everyone has something to say about him or Michelle Obama. To quote my boy Prince, "Shut-up already...Damn!"


Dark Moon February 22, 2009 at 2:01 AM  

Robin Givhans decided to pose a particularly scathing Wintouresque---ersatz critique in this article regarding the first lady that I found mean spirited, pathetic and strangely tinged with a kind of envy that many Black women have the audacity to feel proud of Michelle as a worthy role model, even though she occasionally shops at the Gap. Oh the horror. Her faux critique of Michelle’s image and how her “followers” are setting themselves up for disappointment and that Michelle only seems to encourage this mis-guided worship of her persona—was a particularly uninspiring piece of noxious screed as if her being professional, unassuming, and approachable is somehow anathema to what the First lady is supposed to be. A few choice phrases of her insipid condemnation include:

“For all the wide-eyed Michelle-Obama-is-just-like-us rapture because she wears Gap, the reality is that those Main Street frocks in her closet make her position only more vertiginous. Audiences feel they have an intimate relationship with this person they've put atop a pedestal, and they are more visceral in their defense of her.”

“Still, one wishes that some close Obama friend would step forward and do for her what she pointedly tried to do for her husband early on in the campaign. Tell the world that she doesn't put away the milk. That she skips the weekly pedicures. Debunk the mythology. Or at least try.”

Other than her dismissive critique on the First lady and her supposed rabid fan base as unrefined, I fail to see how Givhans acquired a Pulitzer Prize no less, with her empty epiphanies when she merely likes to dine on thinly veiled contempt.

Anonymiss February 22, 2009 at 3:29 PM  

I LOVE your article titles, LOL!

mypov123 February 22, 2009 at 5:07 PM  

Is Robin drinking Haterade or what?? lol. Yes, we know that Michelle Obama isn't the only successful, stylish, educated Black woman in the United States or in the world.

LaShelle February 26, 2009 at 12:36 PM  

Sorry, but your love or obession with the Obamas is starting to be scary. This woman has a right to her opinions and Michelle and Barack aren't immuned to criticisms. You guys are starting to sound like those those rappers who love to say 'people are just hating on them' when peope criticism them.

I see nothing wrong with Palin or Jindal or Condolezza Rice. In fact I don't see the point of treating people who have done nothing but live up to there full potential. We in the black community have to be careful with our creating demongues(SP?) out of people who don't hold our political views.

I think Michelle is a lousy dresser and not once like an outfit she wore.

I really don't agree with Obama's political views.

Neither do I agree with those of Rush Limbaugh.

There's no need for me to disparage their characters.

This society has lost all sense of tack and decorum.

But this incense, out right insulting rhetoric is not called for.

If you look at the state of Louisana, Jindal is doing a good job and so is the govenors of Texas and Mississipt.

I am tired of this showbiz celebrity obsessed culture choosing our leaders. And stop with this with hunt of black folks who don't agree or like Obama.

Professor Tracey February 26, 2009 at 4:50 PM  


First, this is my blog. I will discuss whatever I like. I don't have to be obsessed or in love with anyone to discuss anything. If I'm interested in the subject, up it goes on this blog, so it's childish of you to make that remark.

Robin Givahn is a fashion reporter, not a political reporter. If she says dumb stuff, I'm going to call her on it.

And this is not a conservative blog and I don't have support their views or accept them. If they say stuff I don't like or disagree with I will discuss it here on my blog. That's my right.

If you want to join the discussion fine, but don't come on my blog and tell me what I should say or write. That's not your business and not your place to say. If you are fine with the racist statements made by Rush and Palin, that you, for me I'm speaking out.

And you have the nerve to say something about letting folks be, but are on my blog trying to tell me what to say or not do.

This is a blog that discusses politics, culture, sports, and movies,'s not a gossip blog. You need to have sense of humor on this blog, if you don't this ain't the blog for you. You need to go read the conservative blogs and then you can come back to me and talk about tearing down folks character. You really have no idea what you are talking about.

In fact, you own crack about Michelle Obama's wardrobe said an awful lot about you. Who gives a damn if you never liked any outfit Michelle Obama has worn, she ain't dressing for you.

And as far as Bobby Jindal is concerned get your head out of the sand. Your state has taken more federal aid than any state in the nation. Of course you're feeling fine on everyone else's nickel. I'm not going to listen to that man deny other states the same benefits he has sucked up for his own.

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