Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poor Laura Ingraham - She Just Doesn't Have Enough Brains or Human Compassion To Get Why She's Wrong As Hell

After getting called out by the ladies on The View and Meghan McCain, poor little Laura Ingraham is crying foul. Poor thing. She just doesn't get it. I'll try to help her out.

Ms. Ingraham,

First, you are not a natural blonde, so it is not an insult to call you a “peroxide” blonde. It's a statement of fact. Second, if you have to keep explaining your fat crack about Meghan McCain was "satire" when no one even the victim thinks it was satire, then it wasn't. It's was just what you intended it to be, a personal insult to shut her up. Unfortunately for you, it didn't work, she's still talking.

Third, Rush Limbaugh is fat and an idiot, the difference between Rush Limbaugh and yourself, is that Rush can dish it out and take it. Unlike your 44-year-old self getting all bent out of shape over the words of a 24-year-old amateur political pundit from your own party.

And lastly, stop being a liar. You clearly attacked Ms. McCain about her weight because you had nothing to say about what she related as political issues for the GOP. Be honest about that and be proud of your nastiness. If you want to copy Ann Coulter, follow her lead, if you're gonna be a bitch, be one all the way, all day. Don't throw rocks and then try to hide your hand afterward.

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