Monday, May 11, 2009

Can Just Being Sorry And Apologizing To Your Victims Fix A Man's Hateful And Racist Past?

For me, sorry just doesn't seem to cut it here, but you have to give dude credit for trying.....don't you?


wisdomteachesme May 11, 2009 at 10:37 AM  

i am glad that this man has had a change of heart, vision and mind.
he wonders where all that hate that lived in him - that he fed came from...

i also wonder where such hatred comes from that lives in the hearts of so many people today--hatred toward so many different groups of people for such differences that we are to embrace-not to fear and hate.

low self-esteem-thinking that those you listen to are correct--FEARS, ignorance- i beleive it is a combonation of misguidedness, of
not learning for oneself the truth of differences is a blessing. that living in a way of fear and hatred is always a wrong way to learn--by listening to and adopting what 'everyone' else has to say about the topic when their words and ways are all filled with hate and meaness, is always a way to self ruin. People truely need to go deeper below the surface to learn the Full truth. but many do not live this way.

not having a view of yourself with a positive self worth and self value-not feeling good about who you are-basing your self-worth on material things or comparing your life to another--not being content with who you have been made to be and loving who you are--always thinking the someone that is different will take something form you--will always be a way that leads to hatred of others.
FEARS make people do some terrible things to others.

not standing up for every oppressed group of people but crying foul when the group you afiliate yourself with has been done wrong-is double-minded and self-centered.

prof, for me, all this man can do is apologize for the hatefilled terrible actions that he did. And for some it will not be enough-but it is all he can do at this point of his life. for me, it is enough.

and if he sees how wrong he was in his beliefs that ALL PEOPLE Are Not created equal;
then that is a great accomplishment--for he has faced his fears and conquered them. He has admitted that he was living a life filled with self hatred and no love.
He can't take back what he has already done--but his apology and his change of heart will give GLory to God. And that is the point of our lives to begin with.

So many people do not know that, they do not know!

many will not allow God to change their hearts...that is the sadness that still is visible.

I wonder when black people on a whole will begin to realize that in order to continue to stand for their rights as humans, as citizens in America, as Children of God; that they have to include everyone in the good fight of Faith.
No matter what color, what gender, no matter how God has made us all to be--
If you don't offer a hand to bring others forward in peace and love then what is the point.
I pray that blacks on a whole will stop hating and fighting each other--will stop feeding their fears and the hatred that has been put on them.
That we as a whole will begin to treat each other with love and forgiveness-with the Courage to Change comes the Glory for God.

And i am Glad that those he apologized to have accepted it--for they also had hatred planted in their hearts from how they were done wrong. Some may not accept his new heart-for they are still eating off and feeding the bitterness and pain that was given to them.

Such a life lived by hatred and by fear is a life lost and wasted.

thanks for sharing this--very appropriate.

Anonymous,  May 11, 2009 at 12:32 PM  

Hell Naw!!!!!! why is it okay to only worry about heaven? He committed felonies and hate crimes against people and he is now knocking on heaven's door so he wants to say sorry. Eff his sorry. action speaks louder than words!!!! make some type of atonement. sell your house and feed some folks or pay for someone's education or something but SORRY, at this late date, is not enough. we still have to be twice as good, mistake-free, pure hearted, credit-worthy, properly named, the right hair wearing, king's english-speaking, we-are-the-world-magical negro's and he gets a pass while plenty of innocent folks of color rot behind bars and this admitted fool is labeled a hero. No credit, cool points for him. If you are sorry old man, put some meaning behind those words while you are still here on earth. Heaven will take care of itself.

RainaHavock May 12, 2009 at 1:07 PM  

God forgives. I don't. Also I'm with CG and Wisdom. His body is crippling and is punishment for his past sins maybe. But still he should be charged for the crimes he had committed. For all we know he could have been involved in someone's murder and has just not said anything about it as he had his other deeds. That family of that might be victims I'm sure would like some closure as well.

michaelTO May 13, 2009 at 6:56 PM  

I read this article and I'm sorry but I was sucking my teeth about the whole damned time. So what if he's sorry. Hell he was sorry from the moment he started beating on Black folks. He's been a sorry assed somebody since puberty and up until recently. And he's wondering where it came from? He's a product of his time and of this place. Bullshit to his low self esteem. He had too much esteem. Even his family is embarrassed by his racist antics. No. Those men he beat up didn't want to meet with him and for good reason he's not worth the waste of precious time. He's a coward now and he was a coward and a bully then. I hope God is black.

Dark Moon May 16, 2009 at 1:29 AM  

Sorry, F*CK him. Too little too late. Now that death is giving him goosebumps he wants to try to make amends and thinking that being sorry is enough to expiate his pathetic sins. And some Black people are lapping up this American grown montrosity and the untold damage and destruction that he wrecked on innocent black people because of their race.

The funny thing is that Jews never forgot or forgiven those Nazis and hunted them down the four corners of the earth. Ask a Jew if they can except a mere Apology and you would have probably got a slap in the face, but as usual Blacks are supposed to accept some half ass apology from some scared coward who fears "divine retribution". Yeah maybe he thinks heaven or hell will have too many Black people or maybe God won't be so White after all.

F*CK his sorry racist cowardly ass.

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