Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Suns May Giveaway Shaq To The Cavs For Little Of Nothing But LeBron James Better Beware Of Cheap Ass Gifts

This trade does nothing for me and I don't see what it does for Cleveland. Shaq is going to clog up the middle and do what exactly? He's not gonna block shots and sure in hell ain't gonna run the floor every time. And unless he gets fired up and shows up in shape, something he never did with the Lakers or the Heat, he will breakdown just like he did with the Suns. He will not be able to play in every game no matter what happens anyway.

Does Cleveland really need another dude that clanks free throws at crunch time? Is Shaq gonna be helpful against a hungry for redemption Dwight Howard? Does Shaq help Mo' "No Mo' Guarantees" Williams or good ole over-paid Wally S. make a jumper when it counts? And how exactly does trading for Shaq help Cleveland get a real offense? And does anyone believe that if Cleveland does not get off to the same quick start that Coach Mike Brown's head won't be on the chopping block with quickness?

This trade will bring a lot of news hype and speculation, it will sell tickets, but I'm not sure this trade brings a championship.


Enigmatic Boy June 25, 2009 at 7:09 AM  

The last thing the Cavs needed was to get slower and now they have. But hey, there will now be another muppet to add to the Kobe/Lebron show. Ughhh, the overhyped Cavs have gotten all the more annoying.

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