Monday, August 10, 2009

The GOP Can Always Find A Black Sellout - Meet Kenneth Gladney

One thing the Conservatives and the Republicans can ALWAYS count on, they can always find at least one black man or woman that is completely willing to act like an old school Sambo for them. There is always one.....always.

Meet Kenneth Gladney. Mr. Gladney got knocked over while protesting against health care reform, but if you listen to him and his conservative cronies, you would think he suffered an amputation or was shot. This dude is so far over the top, you have to wonder if he was paid to do what he is doing now.

This "brotha" has the nerve to be seeking donations because he is unemployed and does not HAVE ANY HEALTH INSURANCE!!!!!!!

And he is now also planning to file a lawsuit against the union. Isn't there reform currently going on against frivolous lawsuits as well? Talk about being an opportunist.

Why in the hell isn't he out looking for a damn JOB instead of protesting against health care reform? This is there poster child - Another Joe the Plumber? Kenneth the Unemployed Negro with No Health Insurance? Where does the GOP find people like this?


msladydeborah August 10, 2009 at 8:51 PM  

These type of people are found under rocks, in caves, hanging out on the street...anywhere that nits and low lifes are known to hang.

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