Monday, August 2, 2010

African American Male Athletes Still Living Up To Same Old Stereotypes.....Sigh.....

It's been a bad few weeks for black male athletes, from the horrible news of the murder of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright, to the undeserved second chances of Jeremiah Masoli and Maurice Clarett, the reckless stupidity of Tyreke Evans, and the great flame-out of Delonte West.

Spare me the argument that black athletes don't get into anymore or less trouble than white athletes. And spare me the argument that one black bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch, girl, either. I'm sick and tired of watching these guys throw away golden opportunities on thoughtless acts of criminal activity, seriously bad decisions, and a complete full refusal to grown up.

I am sick and tired of black athletes that don't conduct themselves as professionals and expect to be forgiven for acting like jackasses every time they screw up. Sometimes things are what they are. You don't get a 21 million dollar bonus in April and show up to training camp in August as an out-of-shape, unprepared, and disruptive presence for your team, your damn job.

I'm tired of the excuses for these guys. God knows what in the hell Lorenzen Wright was doing that got him killed. And if Tyreke Evans had killed himself or someone else going 120 mph on the highway, everyone would have been talking about wasted potential and other sad stories. Maurice Clarett should have done his class work at Ohio State the first time he was there instead of worrying about the NFL.

And instead of stealing laptops, Jeremiah Masoli should have had his ass in his dorm room, then he would be a NFL draft pick instead of hoping and wishing at Ole Miss in the fall. And if Delonte West gets lucky and is picked up by another NBA team, let's hope he takes his damn bi-polar meds and goes to a shrink.


msladydeborah August 2, 2010 at 2:06 PM  

Professor Tracey,

My hometown is Columbus, Ohio. We watched Clarett self-destruct. It was ugly. He was very immature and arrogant as hell. When he didn't get into the NFL and his slot had been filled-I thought he would get it then. But he didn't.

I believe that people are brought low by the Creator so that they can learn what they need to. I have no problem with him returning to The O-State to finish up his degree work. He's done his time and the cost for his actions has a pretty hefty tag on the regret side and the $$$,$$$.$$ side. If he finishes up and does something worthwhile with his life that would be good.

lincolnperry August 29, 2010 at 4:15 PM  

When will you people stop obsessing over the behavior of ignorant black male athletes...we need to break from the sports-entertainment paradox, black males need aspirational role models...Pres Barack Obama, Dr. Ben Carson, Mayor Corey Booker...and you sistas need to stop obsessing over 5% of preceived successful black men in sports-entertainment paradox that you never will get to date or marry!

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