Sunday, August 31, 2008

George W. Bush Still Failing The Residents Of New Orleans And The Gulf Coast

Can you feel the panic of the White House over Hurricane Gustav? I can. If President Bush actually cared about the residents of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, he would have been talking about preparation and prevention for those states, years ago. You don't wait until the next extremely dangerous hurricane season to get to work!

It doesn't matter if President Bush stays home from the GOP convention and sits in the White House getting periodic updates on Hurricane Gustav and praying that New Orleans doesn't suffer another devastating blow. FEMA is no different than it was when Hurricane Katrina hit in 1995 and neither is President Bush.

That fact is why George W. Bush is the worst President of all time. He has never showed the ability to learn from past mistakes and to change for the better. And that is why John McCain should not be elected as President of this country, because he is cut from the same stubborn cloth.


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