Sunday, February 15, 2009

NBA 2009 Dunk Contest Overrated - Nate Wins With Better Stage Props, But Rudy Got Robbed In The Early Rounds - Also A.I. Cuts His Braids Finally

The Superman theme now needs to be retired and I really was not all that impressed with the Krytonite dunk. Is that all the NBA Dunk Contest is now, stage props, costumes, and little dudes jumping over big dudes? I thought Rudy Fernandez was true old school, being creative with nothing but the b-ball and himself.

Why is this funny? Iverson is 33 years old still rocking a child's hair-do, it's way past time he cut his hair. As hard of time black women get about hair, there are just as many black men spending oodles of time prancing around worried about their own do. And black men like having cornrows, braids, and locs because they like long hair too. Not to mention most of them have their hair pressed before it's braided. Are they trying to be white too, like they accuse black women of being like?


ch555x February 16, 2009 at 9:22 AM  

All-Star Saturday Night is just entertainment. Most, if not all of those dunks, have already been done in one form or another. For both their heights, they sure can get some air!

Anonymous,  February 17, 2009 at 4:55 PM  

I watch the dunk contest every year - saw it live in Houston in 86when Iguodola was robbed... but this one was tight I thought. Rudy was ganked for sho! I don't know what that was about - Howard's dunks are so cold and he makes them look so EASY! Tell me that one he did off the side of the backboard wasn't stupid?

The free throw one was weak - but thats about it.

Nate jumping over a 6'11 dude is phat too - how many people you know can do that?

I agree that there aren't too many folks who can make dunks look interesting and all - but these guys were good considering the history we have to look back on. We've seen it all but we haven't and they proved that.

I still judge dunks on degree of difficulty too - so though guys jumped over guys before --- 5'8 jumping over 6'11 is impressive any day of the week.

just sayin~

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